Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30.

Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30. Stories, songs, puppets and a lot of playtime fun.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bedtime Storytime, Wednesday, November 15 @ 10:30

  • The Napping House by Audrey Wood.  Big Book in back room. I read this with a xylophone. Using the percussion chime's mallet, I strike a note for each of the creatures in book, going up the scale till I get to the flea. It really enriches the telling.
  • Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton.  Really a performance number.
  • Maisy's Bedtime by Lucy Cousins. Props: Panda bear. I've heard people complain that Maisy books are a bit dull, but I think she is very zen. I had a lot of fun with this, brushing my teeth, putting my imaginary PJs on, really turning off the lights, and I even went out the door to "go potty."
  • Sweet Dreams by Kimiko Kajikawa . Babies were a bit wiggly for it this time, so it might be good to have a back-up.
  • Dinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea. His stuff is a great addition to baby storytime. So funny! So noisy! Great pix!  I did a lot of roaring, and at the end of the book when Dinosaur went down for the count, I collapsed slowly onto the floor, curled up, and went to sleep.  V. good attention getter with babies.
  • Tumble Bumble by Felicia Bond. So jiggy and cute. 
  • How to Tuck in your Sleepy Lion   board book Clarke

  • Five Bears in a Bed. I love this production number. I love the moms all going "whoopsie" as I push the bear off the cushion, over the edge of the table and on to the floor. 
  • This is the Way We Wash Our Face
  • I Had a Little Turtle
  • Five little monkeys

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