Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30.

Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30. Stories, songs, puppets and a lot of playtime fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sounds Storytime for Babies, Wednesday, February 3 @ 10:30

Quiet, Loud by Leslie Patricelli. I love ALL Patricelli's books and this one is perfect for showing quiet and LOUD!

Snappy Sounds, one of those noisy board books by Harwood, I introduced: "Now we will be quiet again and read a book. Reading books is such a nice, quiet thing to do." The moms really did get quiet at that point -- so that you could almost hear the barking and meowing and cheeping noises that came from this silly book -- except since when do bunnies go B-o-i-n-g? I skipped that page. The text is cute and rhymy.

Gooble Gooble Mooooo Tractor Book by Jez Alborough.  Might need to shorten a bit for the very young ones, but Alzborough's created a perfect amalgamation here of animal sounds and machine sounds.

Peek-a-Boo by Marie Torres Cimarusti.  This is a very nice peekaboo book about simple, unscary Halloween creatures: an unscary witch, an unscary skeleton, an unscary ghost, etc.  

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with my little pitch pipe is wonderful.
Pizza Pickle Pumpernickel 

Oooooweeee! How many babies did we have today! A lot!
But I think everyone still had a good time!

Some people had a chance to read a book in the middle of the craziness.

Some people even found the insanity relaxing.

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