Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30.

Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30. Stories, songs, puppets and a lot of playtime fun.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weather Storyhour

Prop: My color umbrella, a beautiful rainbow colored umbrella with all the colors of the rainbow in ribbons hanging down from it. Thanks Donarita! The kids were amazed/silenced/a little scared!!! I love making an entrance!

Book: Duckie's Rainbow by Frances Barry is high on my list of all time great storyhour books.  Duckie waddles and paddles and jumps, so you can go through all those motions, plus the book opens to reveal all the colors of the rainbow in great gorgeousity.

Book:  Move Over, Rover by Karen Beaumont. I hauled in my puppet theater and did this on the floor, to the moms and the kids amazement. I thought my toddlers might be old enough to start "pretend" play so I wanted to model playing with puppets. I'm not sure if they were or not, but the moms were great about coralling the kids on their laps, and I had some very impressive puppets from PPLC they got to see close up. This funny book is a variation on the "Is there room for just one more?" until a skunk arrives.

Book: Rain by Manya Stojic. Interest was waning by the time I started on this one. Heck, storyhour had already gone on for 12 minutes -- was I pushing my luck, trying the baby's attention spans!  This book has a) rain and thunder noises, b) African animals, and c) the senses, so it delivers a lot in just a few words. 

Book: Are You Ready to Play Outside by Mo Willems.  Interest was waning on the part of the MOMS when I started on this one, so I cut it short, but hey, if any of you moms are reading this, AUTHOR ALERT! Mo Willems, author of Knuffle Bunny, is the greatest!

Special Song:

Way up high in the sky so blue two little clouds say "Peekaboo"
The wind blew the clouds just as hard as it could.
Down came the raindrops and "oooh" they felt good!
(Hold your two fists up in the air for the fists and wave them around when the wind blows.)

A good Samaritan mom helps Savannah with her accessorizing tangle.  Note the young man's astonishment . He's new to this storytime, and I think he's afraid he'll be expected to wear beads next.

Certainly Anika has no problem wearing beads.

Hi guys!  Welcome to our storytime! You're great lapsitters! We LOOOVE lapsitters  ---don't we Lydia?!!!


  1. I use Duckie's Rainbow a lot - great for colours, for ducks, for weather... The kids area always excited to see the rainbow at the end. Mo Willems is awesome indeed. And great cloud rhyme, I may have to steal it! :)

  2. You're welcome to it -- I don't even know who I stole it from! Probably it was written in 1543 and has been stolen from one generation of storytellers to another.