Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30.

Storytime for New to Two every Wednesday at 10:30. Stories, songs, puppets and a lot of playtime fun.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Piggies! Wednesday, August 19 @ 10:30

PlayProps:  Pig, 5 little pigs metalboard, although I only do 3 for the babies.


Olivia's Opposites, a board book by Ian Falconer. Opposites are always fun with babies, esp. Olivia's.  The concepts of in and out and up and down amuse me and them endlessly. I had an especially good time doing up and down: I throw Olivia up in the air and she landed down on the ground.  For my finale, I brought her in to see everyone and then throw her out the door. I always try to astonish the babies.

Let's Dance, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton. I really shimmied to this for the audience.

Busy Piggies by John Schindel.  This board book series has jusssst enough rhyming text, and jusssst the right pictures. I love this series esp. because it emphasizes verbs, which can be acted out and grab the babies' attention.  

Happy Pig Day! by Mo Willems. The babies listened very well to this fairly long book.

Five Little Piggies, a board book by Teresa Imperato. This cute board book alters  the 5 Little Piggies rhyme with some cute variations that make it an excellent addition to a pig storytime for babies. But I might use a metalboard of my pigs the next time. And it's so important that they count on their toes!

The pigs, cows and ducks were riding on the bus today.
5 pigs so squeaky clean,
They were the cleanest pigs you’ve ever seen,
Until one fell in the mud,
He landed
with a great big THUD!
now there are 4 pigs
                                                  so squeaky clean [oink].

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